Inspiring, transformational cultural learning comes in many shapes and sizes. You’ll find examples from across the UK here:

What practice are other members of the Alliance developing?

Cultural learning encompasses a rich spectrum of experiences – listening and playing, watching and interacting, performing and composing, making and doing. These experiences can take place in cultural venues, schools, youth centres, public spaces and at home. They might be a first experience of a particular area of culture, or they might enable young people to progress and deepen their understanding, knowledge and skills.

  • Featured Case Studies
    We’ve featured a few inspiring, successful examples from around the UK that show a variety of approaches to cultural learning, from the early years right through to the start of a young person’s career. They also show some different approaches that Local Authorities are taking to develop cultural learning in their areas. 


  • Professional development and networks
    Building a workforce of highly skilled, knowledgeable and inspirational people is essential to excellent cultural learning practice. Find out about professional networks and programmes here.