21 July 2010

The impact of the budget cuts on cultural learning: what you’ve told us so far

Over the last couple of weeks the Cultural Learning Alliance has been gathering a picture of how the recent cuts to budgets are impacting on cultural learning across the country. We’ve started to gain an insight into initial impacts, but of course there is a long way to go until we know the full ramifications of recent decisions.

21 July 2010

The Big Link-Up: connecting culture and learning

We all know that challenging times are ahead for cultural learning. There are opportunities on the horizon, but also very real threats in the form of funding cuts which have already started in both the education and cultural sectors. Now, more than ever, is the time for a national conversation about cultural learning.

21 July 2010

Can you help spread the word about the Alliance and help us to get 5,000 signatories?

With cuts to both education and cultural sector budgets, the future of cultural learning is uncertain. We need to be able to show the collective strength of support for cultural learning. One way of doing is this is through increasing the number of signatories to the Cultural Learning Alliance. We have already got significant support, but we think we could reach 5,000 signatories with your help.