15 February 2011

State of the Arts

The Arts Council England / RSA State of the Arts Conference took place last week in Central London, with arts organisations and policy makers attending from all over the country. The event was recorded, and you will be able to watch the highlights as well as read the Twitter stream and the blog

15 February 2011

Curriculum Review: Are the arts most at risk?

The Coalition’s Curriculum Review has now been announced, with a call for submissions of evidence for the first stage. The initial plans sketch out a skeleton curriculum of English, Maths, Science and PE, with the first consultation focussing on the content of these subjects and which, if any, should be added to the list.

15 February 2011

Early intervention: the next steps

Early intervention is about working with children and their parents in their first three years of life to make a difference to child development and prevent serious emotional, social and educational problems later on. Last year Graham Allen MP was tasked with reviewing this agenda and has just published a