16 September 2011

Summary: Open public services

The open public services white paper is a far ranging look at the delivery of public services. If your organisation is funded by public money, or would like to be, then you need to know about this. Below is our summary of the policy and what we think are the potential opportunities for cultural learning.

04 September 2011

Policy and Practice Round-Up September 2011

This month we bring you a quick round-up of: free schools, the Teaching Agency, a survey on creative skills, cuts and funding opportunities, and current government consultations where you can make the case for cultural learning.

04 September 2011

The Great Debate – Universal or Targeted Provision?

Over the summer the Cultural Learning Alliance has been meeting in schools, cultural organisations, halls and classrooms to talk about the big issues facing cultural learning practice in the coming years. We have been working to put together a strategy for cultural learning that will help all our members to build on the best of their current practice and to innovate to create new and exciting work for children and young people.