26 January 2012

Policy and practice round-up January 2012

This month we give you a round up of updated news on the Henley Review timetable; a new report on children’s wellbeing; Arts Council England’s quality blog; and news of cuts and funding.

26 January 2012

Schools and Curriculum: January Highlight

Undaunted by the short days and cold nights of January, policy change in the education world has marched on a-pace since our last round-up. To make some sense of it all we thought we would write a special round-up looking at schools and curriuclum. Here are some of the key issues and changes that have come into play this month:

26 January 2012

Cultural Learning Alliance: What we did in 2011

We are now firmly entrenched in 2012 and are pressing on with our plans to create some practical tools to ensure that cultural learning thrives in the current climate. However, we thought it was worth a little bit of reflection on some of the things that the Alliance collectively achieved last year. The CLA doesn’t operate like a traditional organisation, but instead is supported by the expertise, passion and graft of its 7,000 signatories, advisory panel, steering group and chair that are championing cultural learning all over the country and making the case for its central importance to the lives of children and young people.