28 June 2016

Policy and Practice Round-up June 2016

Despite the seismic implications of the European referendum, there has still been a great deal of activity in the cultural learning world over the last month. We bring you news of; the new Ofsted Chief and the outgoing words of current boss Michael Wilshaw; some new evidence, blogs and arguments for Cultural Learning from Arts Council England; new PISA plans for tests on cultural awareness; the opening of the new Tate Modern extension; great case studies from the RSC and from Yorkshire Dance; good news for cultural learning in Scotland; and the TES School Award winners.

28 June 2016

Arts education statistics: what we know

There has been much discussion about the provision, take up and status of arts in schools across England since 2010 with conflicting statistics being offered by different groups. In this post we attempt to untangle some of the discussion.

28 June 2016

20% decline in take up of Arts GCSEs since 2010

New figures from the Office of Qualifications and Examinations (Ofqual) indicate that this year’s uptake of arts GCSEs in schools will fall even more sharply than we had feared.