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What we did in 2019

Welcome to our annual round-up of CLA activity.

2019 saw Brexit continue to dominate our political life, an election, a new government, two different education ministers and three different arts ministers in post. We expect 2020 to hold similar upheavals for the arts and education sectors.

Art teaches things like resilience, creativity, curiosity, teamwork, social skills, communication skills. It also teaches children how to fail and persevere until they succeed.

If we don’t teach art in schools, our children will not have these advantages later on in life. 

Andria Zafirakou 2018 Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize Winner and Art & Textiles Teacher, Alperton Community School, The National, 28 June 2018

09 December 2019

This month we bring you news of the OECD PISA results and the news that England will be opting out of the 2021 creative thinking test; the Frankfurt declaration for arts education; arts education manifestos; election lobbying; and the £50,000 Fusion Prize.

27 November 2019

What do they mean for arts, culture and learning?

In this briefing we will compare and contrast the policies most relevant to cultural learning in the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative Manifestos.