Networks and Professional Development

Networks and Professional Development

Building a workforce of highly skilled, knowledgeable and inspirational people is essential. Find out about professional networks and programmes here.

The workforce that enables children and young people to engage with culture is large and growing! It includes teachers and school staff, the early years workforce, artists and cultural practitioners, youth and social workers and looked-after children’s services.

What workforce development do we need to improve cultural learning?

  • more and better opportunities for trainee teachers to develop through initial training, and throughout their teaching career
  • early years workforce development to include creative approaches and cultural learning
  • continuing professional development in cultural learning for all involved in delivering and supporting children’s services
  • professional development and qualifications for artists and cultural practitioners, to improve their understanding of education and children’s services and opportunities to develop their skills for working with children and young people

Some organisations provide networking and professional development on a local or regional level, allowing you to tap into resources and people close to where you are. Many of these are for anyone who works with children and young people across the education, youth or cultural sectors.

Bridge organisations

Arts Council England has funded a network of 10 regional ‘bridge’ organisations that use their experience and expertise to connect children and young people, schools and communities with art and culture. You can contact your local bridge for support and advice.

Area Organisation


Norfolk and Norwich

Royal Opera House

East Midlands

Mighty Creatives


A New Direction

North East

Tyne & Wear Archives and Museums (Culture Bridge North East)

North West

Curious Minds

South East


South West


West Midlands

Arts Connect


We are IVE

National and regional networks

You can browse examples of national and regional networks by clicking through the menus on the right. 

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