South West

South West

The following organisations work in the South West and provide networks, advice and training for those working in cultural learning.

artsedSW comprises ten arts education partnership organisations working across the South West making inspirational arts opportunities happen for children and young people. They provide training for teachers and teaching assistants, as well as many others, from individual artists to arts organisations, libraries, museums, archives and local authorities.

Artsmad is a local strategic development initiative driven by Swindon Borough Council, Culture Swindon and Arts Council England. They are working in partnership with local and regional organisations to help children and young people have access to high-quality arts experiences, providing advice, guidance and professional development for both the cultural and education sectors.

Barefoot is the Arts Education Partnership Agency for Plymouth, linking schools and artists and promoting arts education work of all kinds. They run artist residencies and projects, promote arts education, advise on national schemes such as Artsmark, set up specialist networking groups, and create opportunities to develop arts education across schools and communities.

Creative Learning Agency (CLA) is a web-based news and information service that provides educators and artists with information about and support for arts education work. Creative Learning Agency works across the four unitary authorities of Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. Their main service is provided through the website, including news, events, opportunities, funding and resources, and an online searchable database of artists working in all artforms and with all age groups and abilities.

DAISI brings professional artists and creative practitioners to work alongside young people across Devon and Torbay, both in and out of school. They provide information, advice and development opportunities for artists, young people and educators and advocate for the positive impact of arts activities on outcomes for young people. DAISI works in partnership with schools, learning communities, young people, cultural organisations, community groups, businesses and artists to develop arts opportunities and make them happen.

DepARTure is the Dorset County Council's arts-in-education agency, based in the Learning and School Improvement section of Children's Services. They offer a wide range of services, all designed to help make the most of your work, whether you are a teacher planning a workshop, a pupil looking for additional arts opportunities, an artist wishing to work within a school environment, or a venue keen to forge links with local schools, including providing resources and training and offering networking opportunities.

Gloss Arts Education Agency is a publicly funded service set up to provide educators and artists with information and support for arts education work, and brokerage between the arts and education sectors. The website promotes professional development opportunities in the South West and further afield. Gloss works across Gloucestershire, and is linked with the Creative Learning Agency in Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire through a joint website and database.

Kernow Education Arts Partnership (KEAP) is an arts education partnership with a mission to engage the whole community in creative learning through the arts. They work with anyone and everyone, from teachers and youth workers to early years settings and Cornwall Council, to make sure that the arts and creativity are at the heart of work with children and young people. KEAP's website highlights vacancies, commissions, opportunities and training within Cornwall and across the South West.

Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) provides both development services and social enterprise opportunities across the South West region. Development work includes supporting schools to improve and innovate, helping young people to change spaces, services and communities, and finding solutions for unemployed people, NEETs and the most disadvantaged. RIO delivers Creative Partnerships in the Forest of Dean, Bristol, Cornwall and Plymouth.

SPAEDA is Somerset's arts education development agency. They create opportunities for children and young people to get involved in high-quality arts activities, provide a web of information and support for the arts and education sectors, and advocate for best practice in arts education. SPAEDA places the arts and creativity as central to children and young people’s development, offering advice and guidance, training and networks to both the cultural and education sectors.

WAVE arts education agency provides a source for inspiration and creativity between the arts and education communities in Bournemouth and Poole. They work with teachers, governors, artists, practitioners, Local Authority staff, and arts and cultural staff to make a distinctive contribution to the enjoyment, confidence, skills and emotional well-being of children and young people. WAVE's programme of work includes advocacy, information and advice, project development, training and brokerage.

Wiltshire Youth Arts Partnership's purpose is to stimulate and deliver high-quality arts opportunities for 13-21 year-olds in Wiltshire that are relevant to their needs and interests. They collaborate with professionals in arts and learning settings and with sectors who work with young people to provide a networking and support service giving useful, reliable, up-to-date information through the website and other activities. WYAP's website includes regularly updated listings for professional development in the area.