The Cultural Learning Alliance champions a right to art and culture for every child

This work [Arts & Culture SE Bridge Partnership Investment Programme, Artswork] provides a clear direction and focus to enable young people to re-evaluate their lives at a crucial time, and could significantly help in reducing reoffending. They are to be commended for this.

Simon Hayes Police & Crime Commissioner, Hampshire (to May 2016)

05 September 2018

As the school year starts we publish our latest Briefing paper, in partnership with ASCL the Association of School and College Leaders, setting out why the arts matter in our education system.

23 August 2018

-10% decline in arts subject GCSE entries 2017 to 2018

-35% decline in arts subject GCSE entries 2010 to 2018

Continuing decline in arts A Levels: entries down -24% since 2010