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What is the current state of the arts in schools?

On 10 April Nick Gibb, Minster of State for School Standards, announced that there is now funding to the tune of £496 million for arts in schools. The Department for Education (DfE) news story stated:

‘Music, art and design, drama and dance are included in the national curriculum and compulsory in all maintained schools from the age of 5 to 14. The additional £96m takes the total level of support for music and arts programmes to £496 million since 2016.’

Given all this you would be forgiven for thinking the crisis in the arts in schools than much has been written on recently (see BBC, Daily Mail, Economist, Evening Standard and Guardian articles) has been averted. This is not the case.

Cultural Education should be a right, not a privilege

Darren Henley Chief Executive, Arts Council England

26 March 2018

This month we bring you news of the Art teacher who won the Global Teacher Prize; key news pieces on the value of the arts; a National Audit Office report showing funding for Arts development is down 41% since 2010; two consultations; details of a freelance role working with the CLA on social media support; and a profile of Sue Jay who won a Pearson Teaching Award last year.